Statement on COVID-19 and Kennel Club events –

Statement on COVID-19 and Kennel Club events – 13/05/2020

13th May 2020 – 2:02 PM

The safety and security of competitors, spectators, volunteers and staff at Kennel Club events continues to be of paramount importance. In light of the continued restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kennel Club has taken the decision with regret to extend its strong recommendation that clubs and societies cancel forthcoming events until the end of September and that serious consideration should be given to events due to be held after this date.

Corona Virus Pandemic

April 2020

On behalf of the members of the Duchy Working Gundog Club
We have decided to donate £50 to this incredible gentleman, Captain Tom Moore, his fundraising for our fantastic NHS staff is nothing short of a miracle, the latest figure (and still growing) is a mindblowing £18 million, and every penny goes to the NHS.
I know £50 is not a vast some of money in the grand scheme of things, but look how much those small sums have grown.

I ask other clubs and organisations to donate to this wonderful cause, not many people can say they’ve never had reason to say “thank you” to a member of NHS staff.
Say thank you again with a donation, NOW !
Stay safe everyone.

J Reg Judging Exams

We would like to congratulate several of our committee members who went to the J Reg Judging Seminars and sat their exams.

Morwenna McNally and Tom Bounsall both passed the Retrievers Exam.

Sue Bailey, John Pascoe and Jon West all passed the Spaniel Exam.

Alice Wise B Panel Judge

A huge congratulations to Alice Wise from all committee and club members on being appointed B Panel judge for Spaniels from The Kennel Club UK. Well done for all you hard work for the club but also to the sport we all love.

FTMS Seminar

April 2018

Alice Wise and Morwenna McNally went to a FTMS ( Field Trial Management System) seminar held by the North Devon Gundog Club, they found it extremely interesting and will be looking into it more thoroughly so watch this space as to whether we try the system.

Cornwall Air Ambulance

August 2017

A lovely thank you note from Cornwall Air Ambulance for the £100 received from the club. The money was raised from the Team Event day that Alice organised on behalf of the club.


Great News

I am delighted with the news from the Kennel Club that we now have a novice COCKER trial which will be held at Upton Pyne Exeter.
I would personally like to thank every one with all your support letters. Alice