Working Test Results


Results of the novice virtual test judged by Mr Ken Wilton, Ken was pleased to be asked to judge this test and said there were some very nice dogs and some of a very good standard.
1st Sperrinside Daisy of Kingsmeadow
Mr    Kenny McMillan ESS

2nd  Meg Donna Wyatt  CS

3rd    Sunshot Badjuju 
Mr Stewart Cameron ESS

4th.  Cornermarsh Alder of Kingsmeadow  Mr Kenny McMillan ESS

Corbinsbere Dakota( Darcy )
Mr Del Bower CS

Bramble- Slayer ( Troy)
Rebecca Booth ESS

Sperrinside Tadgh of Carkees
Mrs Margaret Cox ESS

Sunshot Cleansweep
Mr Stewart Cameron ESS


Thank you for all your entries, award certificates and vouchers from CSJ will be posted.


Water Test 22nd September 2019

St Giles on the Heath

Retrievers Judged by Mrs M-J Opie & Mrs T Watson

 Novice Retrievers

1st     Tollodge Copper Beech – Susan Orr
2nd    Westall Teak – Zoe Townsend
3rd     Westall Tazer – Zoe Townsend
4th     Movenne Sabine- Barbara Dolman






















Open Retrievers

1st     Wren – Rob Wilmott
2nd   Highdunscott Torvill of Skyflight- Jo Fergie
3rd     Downas Harry – John Butler
4th     Saintcyres –  Zoe Townsend

Spaniels Judged by Mrs A Wise & Mrs Z Townsend

 Novice Spaniels

1st     Kenquince Paint it Black of Rosekeeper – Donna Turner
2nd    Pippa of Burtonwood -Sue Bailey
3rd     Chapelbreki Heavenly Holly – Ruth Pudney
4th    Flytefall Mulberry- Alison McGrath

CoM Clumsetter Deskipiksi & Clumsetter Mysterious Girl- Becky Franklin, Bramble Slayer – Rebecca Booth

Open Spaniels

1st     Load of Hay Beau at Kothman – Vicky Raby
2nd    Ddraigmon Dodger -Dennis Wills
3rd    Yildum Queen of Rosekeeper – Donna Turner
4th     Bob- Rob Wilmott


Winner of Water Scurry Test

Penny – Fenton Wise

Novice Spaniel Test 1st September 2019

Trendeal Vean Farm, Ladock

Judged by Mrs A Wise & Mr J West

1st     Lanhydrekgon Bleuejen Angog – Mr C Hoskin
2nd    Balsa Brae – Mr S Lody
3rd     Kilhopemoss Starbuck of Spannerwood – Mr W Swiggs
4th     Middletor Beacon – Mr J Bevan

CoM  Gamesika Lerryn – Mrs P Birnie, Biddacott Macaroon – Mr N Watts

Pippa of Burtonwood – Mrs S Bailey

Best Cocker –   Biddacott Macaroon – Mr N Watts

Novice Handler – Mr C Hoskin



Puppy & Open Retriever Test 11th August 2019

Upton Pyne, Exeter

Judged by Nick Coates, Trish Watson & Ken Wilton

1st  Kenyton Chilli Flake – John Butler
2nd Movenne Tulla – Louise Burnell
3rd Lynedance Maple -Kate Russell



1st  Zennawood Pitch Perfect – Jess Latham
2nd Binneybottom Bullfrog at Grayspeed – Robin Gray
3rd Tunnelwood Spoonbill – June Barrie
4th  Kenley Valley Cash -Matthew Bennison
Com Wizaller Frosted Steel – Tom Bounsall





Puppy & Open Spaniel Test 11th August 2019

Upton Pyne, Exeter

Judged by Richard Biggs, Paul Bowyer & Wayne Swiggs

1st  Angarrick Iggy – Julie Taylor
2nd Sam Moon
3rd Warrendown I Have a Dream -Olivia Lepine
4th  Kenaiteen Tilly – Caroline Gale
Com  Woodovis Scamp – Jon West











1st & best hunting dog  Delflush Dice – Martin Bell
2nd Load of Hay Beau at Kothman – Vicky Raby
3rd & best cocker  Aveegotun Morning Cloud – Gary Holbrook
4th  Lexi’s Locket – Julian Morgan
 Kensteen Fizzy Miss -Olivia Lepine
 Ddraigmon Dodger – Dennis Wills
Aveegotun Blue Moon – Gary Holbrook
Freddie of Abedare- John Pearce




Charity Team Event Test 29th June 2019

Upton Pyne, Exeter

Retrievers Judged by Mary Palk & Jo Fergie

Spaniels Judged by Alice Wise & Nick Cox

1st    Spreyton Sprinters
Gun  –   Aubrey Ruby
Retriever  –  Helen Ford
Spaniel  –  Zoe Townsend

2nd    Three Game Birds
Gun  –  Alicia Munson
Retriever  –  Sally Ashby 
Spaniel  –  Margaret Cox

3rd    The Artfull Dodgers
Gun  –  Rob Cole
Retriever  –  Rob Wilmott
Spaniel  –   Lorraine Whitley

Michael Dolman

Helen Ford

Gary Holbrook

Novice Spaniel Test 26th May 2019

Upton Pyne, Exeter

Judged by Mrs A Wise & Mr D Spence

1st & Novice Handler  -Load of Hay Beau at Kothman – Miss V Raby
2nd     Winscade Forest – Mr D Wills
3rd      Taffswell Torpedo – Mr M Warren
4th      High Class Maiden – Mr J Morgan

CoM    Mr S Lody, Mr J West, Mrs R Pudney & Mr N Cox

Junior Yound Handler – Miss T Warren



Novice Retriever Test 21st April 2019

Newnham Park, Plymouth

Judged by Mr K Dimmick, Mr A Dimmick  & Mrs Z Townsend

1st         Cornish Tweed – Jake Crabb
2nd      Sentiero Fizz – Shane King
3rd       Davy Sunny Fetham – Mary Snell
4th       Invisible Emerald – Jon Dower
CoM    Binnybottom Moonchild of Grayspeed – Sue Gray, Deanseyspass – Ashley Burrows




















Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate Test 02/09/18

Over 20 successful handlers
A brilliant day with a great atmosphere and good fun, there were three tests before lunch a water, jump and a seen retrieve into cover, after lunch a mock walked up and driven drive, thanks to my co assessors Ken Wilton and Chris Tozer, dummy throwers Tom Bounsall Jake Crabb and John Pascoe to all the committee as always being there supporting and Debbie with the shop.  Alice Wise


Training Test Evening 14/08/18

Trendeal Farm, Ladock

Judged by  Mr B Abbott and Mr J Pascoe

This summer due to having a great group of handlers coming to our monthly training evenings, i thought it would be lovely to put on a little test to show them how well they had progressed and to prove that nerves can change the way you handler your dog ! Two judges, Brian Abbott and John Pascoe helped us out, 6 tests were put on, 3 under each judge. Had 15 entries and we were definitely against the light but thrilled to say the competitors managed to complete all 6 tests. Though we were doing the prize giving under the light of car headlights. Thanks to Jill Philp for all her help and Brian and John for judging, a great evening was had by all.   Pia Birnie

1st    Tybesta Artemis – lab    Caroline Tetley

2nd    Conholthill Stanley – CS    Penny Gange

3rd     Kevelek Wildfire – CS    Kate Bayfield


Spaniel Puppy and Open Test 12/08/18

Upton Pyne, Exeter

Judged by Mr D Locke & Mr W Swiggs

1st       Eirian Alys Ruby ESS J Pearce
2nd &     Best cocker & best novice handler, Soulsmoor Josh’s Little Bird CS – Josh Taylor
3rd       Taffswell Toddy CS – M Warren
4th       Roxliam Fiona Moon ESS – S Moon
CoM   Woodabudge Ora ESS – A Wise

1st &       Best Hunting Dog, Meadowchase Storm of Gatekeeper ESS – J Stenner
2nd      Meadowchase Misty of Gatekeeper ESS – J Stenner
3rd       Rosebay Harmony ESS – A Wise
4th &    Best Cocker, Aveegotun Morning Cloud CS – G Holbrook
CoM   Aveegotun Blue Moon CS – G Holbrook


















Retriever Puppy and Novice Test 12/08/18

Upton Pyne, Exeter

Judged by Mrs G Knox & Mrs M Palk

1st       Mia – J Dower
2nd       Kensteen Moonlight – J Butler
3rd       Binneybottom Moonchild at Grayspeed – S Gray

1st       Binneybottom Bullfrog Blue at Grayspeed – R Gray
2nd       Mia – J Dower
3rd       Southwold Newton – Z Gething
COM   Davy Sunny Fetham – M Snell
COM   Movenne Tanner – C Nunneley

Novice Handler    St Giles Maid – T Bounsall







Novice AV Spaniel Test 27/05/18

Upton Pyne, Exeter

Judged by Sally Jenkins & Pia Birnie

1st      Gamesika Hoolie  –  Brian Abbott
2nd     Castle Pride Mischief  –  Thomas Poole
3rd      Woodabudge Nieve  –  Alice Wise
4th  & Best Novice Handler   Son of Danno  –  Natalie Anthony
CoM   Kenquince Paint it Black of Rosekeeper  –  Donna Turner
Maesyyderwen Bourbon  –  Becky Hawkins



Open Retriever Test 20/05/18

Trendeal Farm, Ladock

Judged by Steve and Sally Ashby

1st      Zennawood Pitch Perfect – Jess Latham
2nd      Ellie’s Tigerlily of Kitleylawn – Adrian Dimmick
3rd      Percival Pembroke  –  Jane Pritchard
4th     Westall Tazer  –  Zoe Townsend